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Residential Insurance

Insurance advisor can be seen going over the insurance quote with homeowners, providing them with valuable information and advice.

Average Cost of Home Insurance in British Columbia?

For most people, real estate is their biggest asset. Whether it is your primary residence or rented out for extra income, it is important to protect your biggest investment. Most homeowners or renters can’t afford to rebuild or replace their home if it is damaged or destroyed by natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, floods, or hail. House insurance not only provides coverage for the dwelling, it also covers replacing personal property, liability if someone is injured on the premises, and additional living expenses if you have to rent another place temporarily. Insurance gives us peace of mind, knowing that in a worst-case scenario, we can pay for somewhere to live and replace our belongings until we can rebuild or rent another home.

Protect Your Biggest Investment with Homeowners Insurance

The Ultimate Guide to Homeowners Insurance in BC - (Updated 2024)

Do you know what homeowners insurance covers? And, what types of homeowners insurance coverage exist? Maybe you have heard from your family, realtors or mortgage brokers saying the importance of buying homeowners insurance. But why? If you can’t answer some or none of the questions I’ve asked, this article will help you understand all the important things about homeowners insurance so that you can make an informed buying decision when you’re ready. 

Insured homes in Victoria

Homeowners insurance in Victoria

Get a quick and customizable rate for home insurance in Victoria with InsureBC. Learn about factors affecting cost and ways to lower it.

Condo insurance in 2023 - Apartment building with coverage

The Ultimate Guide to Condo Insurance in BC - 2023

As a condo owner, you’ll need a condo insurance policy to protect the interior of your condominium unit and your personal belongings inside. Condo insurance also includes personal liability coverage, which covers you in the event you’re found legally responsible for property damage or bodily injury, like if a guest injures themselves in your home for example.

Business Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Small Business Liability Insurance

Learn how to navigate Small Business Liability Insurance in British Columbia with our expert guide. Avoid common pitfalls, understand policy nuances, and ensure your business is adequately protected against liability risks. Essential reading for savvy business owners!

Professional Liability Insurance

Understanding Professional Liability Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide - 2023

Professional Liability Insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed to serve as a safety net for businesses and individuals against the risk of being legally held accountable for situations like negligence, accidents, injuries, or malpractice. For professionals providing advice or services—such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, and architects—this coverage is especially crucial. In essence, it's protection against potential claims arising from their professional advice or services.

Professional Liability Insurance

Do I need small business general liability insurance?

Learn why small business general liability insurance is so important, including what it covers and how to find the right coverage for your business

Life Insurance

20-Year Term-Insurance

What does a 20-year-term life insurance policy mean?

Explore the implications of term life insurance expiration, including options for renewal, conversion, or obtaining a new policy. Understand cancellation policies, refunds, and best practices for managing your coverage. Make informed decisions to protect your loved ones' financial future.

10-Year Term Insurance

What is 10 Year Term Life Insurance? How does it work?

Discover the power of 10-Year Term Life Insurance: affordable protection tailored to your needs. Learn how this flexible policy offers lower premiums, aligns with short-term financial goals, and ensures your loved ones are safeguarded. Uncover the coverage options, policy features, and essential considerations to make an informed decision. Explore the exclusions and alternative solutions to guarantee comprehensive protection. Don't settle for less when it comes to securing your future.

10-Year Term Insurance

Do you get money back after a term life insurance?

Gain insights into 10-year term life insurance, including its coverage duration, affordability, and premiums. Explore what happens when the policy expires and learn about options such as renewal, conversion, and cancellation. Make informed decisions to secure your financial future.

Permanent Life Insurance

How does permanent life insurance work?

Gain insights into the workings of permanent life insurance, offering lifelong coverage and the potential for cash value accumulation. Explore the benefits, considerations, and variations between whole and universal life insurance policies. Make informed decisions for long-term financial planning and family protection.