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Condo Insurance in British Columbia

Condo Insurance is specifically designed for BC condo owners or owners who have stratified their duplex units and require contents coverage. Condo and townhouse owners have unique insurance needs, particularly compared to owners of detached homes. While the Strata covers damage to the building, it does not protect your possession inside your unit. As a result, Condo Insurance is designed to protect gaps that may exist in Strata corporation insurance policies and is generally quite simple to purchase.

Policy Overview

Illustration of a building vulnerable to flood damage representing the need of protection against your strata deductible.

Deductible Protection

Your building’s strata corporation has an insurance policy with various deductibles that will be assessed  to each owner. This part of the policy will cover you for those deductibles.

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Personal Belongings

This part of the policy provides coverage for all of your personal belongings inside your condo, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, books, clothing, etc. This also includes personal property temporarily held at other locations.

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Personal Liability

When a situation occurs that results in unintentional bodily injury or property damage to others arising form your actions, your insurance policy extends coverage to protect you against liability claims and lawsuits.

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Additional Living Expenses

If you have to temporarily relocate while your condo is being repaired after a covered loss, this part of the policy will provide coverage for additional costs such as hotel, meals, storage costs and other living expenses.

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Betterments & Improvements

This portion covers any improvements or renovations that you or any other owner has made to the unit.

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Optional Add-ons and Customizations


To cover any damage caused to your home as a direct result of an earthquake, you can add this coverage to your home insurance policy.

Water Protection

This coverage provides broader water damage protection for loss or damage caused by sewer backup, an overflowing appliance or overland flood from surface water or ground water. This coverage may not be available to all BC residents.

Other Customizations

In addition to a number of add-ons, our online home insurance policy provides a number of flexible customizations. You can set the limits that you want, schedule personal property, and more.

Coverage Details

Our online condo insurance policy offers a comprehensive all-inclusive insurance offering specifically for our BC customers. It features a series of industry-leading coverages, elevated coverage limits, and it’s backed by superior, locally operated claims service. We have featured some of the key components of our online condo policy below.

Coverage Type

Amount of Coverage

All Inclusive Condo Protection
Up to $1 million including Improvements & Betterments, Contingent Coverage and Loss Assessment
Personal Contents
$30,000 to $150,000
Personal Liability
Up to $2,000,000
Additional Living Expenses
200% of Contents Limit Selected
Condo Deductible Protection
Up to $100,000
Sewer Backup
Up to Contents Limit - If Eligible
Identity Theft
Jewelry, Watches, Gems
Up to $10,000 Unscheduled
Up to $3,000 Unscheduled

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Tips & Tricks

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Build your claims-free discount

Most insurance carriers provide discounts to those who have gone several years without experiencing an insurance claim.

Improve your home security

Make your property more secure with a monitored burglar alarm system. Many insurance carriers will offer you a home security discount as a result.

Pay annually

Paying annually for your premium typically offers savings over monthly financing.

Frequently asked Questions

I own a condo and rent it to someone else. Should I get Condo Insurance?

Absolutely! But, rather than a Condo policy, you’ll need a Rented Condo policy, also known as a Landlord policy. These differ significantly from a Condo policy where you live in the unit yourself as the exposures are somewhat different. You can get a quote for your Landlord insurance policy here. Those who use their Condo for occasional Airbnb rentals will require a different policy again, as the exposures are somewhat different. If you’re not sure which policy to purchase, don’t hesitate to contact one of our insurance advisors.

If I make improvements or renovations to my unit, will they be covered?

While your Strata corporation’s insurance policy will typically cover original fixtures and fittings, your Condo Insurance will cover any improvements that you have made, including materials and supplies being used to conduct the upgrades. Be sure to review your Strata’s insurance policy to ensure your condo policy has enough coverages to match theirs to avoid being held liable for any gaps.

Is Condo Insurance mandatory in B.C.?

Condo insurance is not mandatory by law, however if you are applying for a mortgage, most lenders will impose this as a condition for mortgage approval. Whether mandatory or not, it is extremely important to protect your investment.

What is condo deductible protection?

Your strata corporation has a policy insuring the whole building and common areas. They have a deductible, which is the amount that they are responsible for in the event of a claim. Condo deductible protection helps protect you if the deductible is assessed back on to you by your strata corporation.

What does Condo Insurance cover?

Condo insurance covers your personal property, personal and premise liability, additional living expenses, unit betterments and improvements, loss assessment and strata deductibles. The Strata has their own policy in place that covers damage to the building itself and common areas, however it does not protect your unit. As a result, Condo Insurance is designed to protect the gaps that may exist in the Strata’s insurance.

Looking to File a Claim?

Our dedicated claims department is committed to making the claims process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you need to file a claim for your home, vehicle, or business, we have the expertise to guide you through the process.

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