20-Year Term Life Insurance

Experience two decades of peace and security with our 20 Year Term Life Insurance. This affordable solution not only aligns with your financial goals but also ensures the well-being of your family. Customize your coverage to meet their unique needs and take control of their future.

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What is Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides essential coverage for a specified period, such as 20 years. It offers financial protection to your loved ones in the event of your untimely passing.

This type of insurance is designed to meet your temporary needs (covering items such as mortgage debt , securing income for children) providing a death benefit to your family member or beneficiaries. With term life insurance, you pay monthly premiums for the duration of the policy term.

It offers flexibility and peace of mind, allowing you to tailor your coverage based on your specific requirements.

Advantages of 20-Year Term Life Insurance

Locked in rates
Shorter term
Can be cancelled anytime
Can be converted anytime

A 20-Year Term Life Insurance plan presents an affordable option for securing your family's financial well-being over a defined period of time. It's a strategic choice when buying life insurance, providing comprehensive coverage without straining your finances. This type of life insurance truly caters to the needs of your loved ones.

In the unfortunate circumstance of your passing within the policy's term, your beneficiaries receive a tax-free death benefit. This amount can play a critical role in maintaining their financial stability, helping to manage immediate costs, clear outstanding debts, and support your family's ongoing needs.

Another notable advantage of 20-Year Term Life Insurance lies in its flexibility. You're free to select a coverage amount that aligns seamlessly with your financial aspirations and the unique needs of your family.

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How Much Does 20-Year Term Life Insurance Cost?

The cost of a term 20 life insurance policy depends on various factors, including age, health, lifestyle, and the desired coverage amount. The 20-year term life insurance rates are calculated on the basis of these variables.

You'll typically pay your insurance premiums on a monthly or annual basis. Life insurance quotes can be obtained directly from our agents or by visiting one of our offices.

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Frequently asked Questions

Is 20-year Term Life Insurance for Me?

If you're seeking coverage that's affordable and spans a specific period, a 20-year term life insurance policy may be a good fit for you. This type of life insurance is particularly suited for those who wish to secure their financial obligations during significant life stages, such as raising a family or paying off a mortgage. Regularly paying your premiums is essential to keep your 20-year term life insurance policy active.

Who is eligible for 20-year term life insurance?

For term 20 life insurance, most healthy individuals, depending on their age and lifestyle, are generally eligible. A medical exam is often part of the application process. This exam allows life insurance companies to assess the health risks associated with the applicant. 20-year term life insurance rates can vary based on these assessments.

What is 20-year term life insurance?

A 20-year term life insurance, also known as term 20 life insurance, provides a coverage period of20 years. The insured pays regular insurance premiums to the insurance company during this period. If the insured passes away within these 20 years, the company provides a tax-free death benefit to the chosen beneficiaries.

What happens if I can no longer afford to pay the premiums on my 20-Year Term Life Insurance policy?

If you find yourself unable to afford the premiums for your 20-Year Term Life Insurance policy, it's crucial to act promptly to explore available options. Depending on your policy and the terms, you may have a grace period during which you can make the premium payment without a policy lapse.

What’s not covered in a 20-year term life insurance plan?

While a 20-year term life insurance plan covers death due to most causes, there can be exclusions. These may include deaths resulting from undisclosed medical conditions or suicide within a specific initial period (typically two years). Understanding the terms and conditions of your specific 20-year term life insurance policy is critical.

What happens if I die while my 20 year term life insurance policy is still active?

If you pass away within the term of your 20-year term life insurance policy, your beneficiaries will receive a tax-free lump sum payment, known as the death benefit. This could provide significant financial support, helping your loved ones cover various expenses, from daily costs to substantial commitments such as mortgage payments.

Do you have to be Canadian to apply for 20-year term life insurance?

Most life insurance companies in Canada require applicants to be Canadian residents to apply for a 20 year term life insurance plan. However, some policies may extend to non-residents under certain conditions. You can acquire life insurance quotes directly from our representatives or by visiting any of our physical locations.

What if I already have insurance through my employee benefits?

Even if you have life insurance coverage through your employee benefits (it is usually quite limited) supplementing this with a personal 20-year term life insurance policy can be beneficial. This can ensure that you have continuous coverage, even if you switch jobs or lose your employee benefits.

I’m retiring or losing my insurance from my workplace. How can I replace it?

If you're retiring or your workplace insurance is coming to an end, replacing it with a 20-year term life insurance policy or a permanent life insurance policy, can be a consideration. This provides continuous life insurance coverage that fits your needs. You can receive life insurance quotes directly from our agents or by dropping by one of our offices.

Can I cash out my 20-Year Term Life Insurance policy before the end of the term?

While 20-Year Term Life Insurance policies do not typically have a cash value component like permanent life insurance policies, there may be options available depending on the specific terms and conditions of your policy. It's important to review your policy contract and consult one of our agents to understand if any cash surrender value or surrender options exist for your particular policy.

How much does 20-year term life insurance cost?

When it comes to the cost of 20-year term life insurance, several factors can influence it. Your age, health status, and other underwriting criteria can impact the cost of your policy. While premiums for 20-year term life insurance are typically affordable and cost-effective, the exact amount you will pay may vary. Therefore, for more details on the cost of a 20-year term life insurance policy, it is best to contact your broker.

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