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Insurance Coverage for Businesses with US Exposures

Many Insurance Brokers in BC are not licensed or adequately equipped to sell you insurance if you conduct business in jurisdictions outside British Columbia. If your operation includes business dealings in the USA for example, you’ll need to deal with a broker familiar with the territory and the business practices there. That’s where our Network can assist you.

In 2014, InsureBC established a partnership with a large, US-based insurance brokerage called Vista International Insurance Brokers, located in Petaluma, California. Through the partnership with Vista, our entire network of offices can now assist customers who have insurance needs south of the border.

What is required to get insurance in the USA?

While the insurance products may not differ all that much between Canada and the USA, the manner in which claims are settled does and as a result, getting the right coverage from the best US carrier is crucial.  Our local BC-based offices will obtain all required information from you regarding your home situated in the US, or your business operating partly south of the border, and will relay the information to our expert colleagues at Vista International. Rather than relying on Canadian insurance companies to insure risks in the US, the team at Vista will actually introduce your risk to local, US-based insurance companies in order to benefit from the best, local products available in the marketplace.  

Why use InsureBC for your US-based Insurance needs?

Operating a business in the United States can open your company up to a much more significant marketplace that may present a tremendous opportunity. However, it typically comes at a price in the form of increased risk exposures.

While most of the InsureBC offices have experience, senior staff that can assist you with your home or business in the USA, what makes our Group unique is that we have direct access to a large, knowledgeable insurance broker based in the USA itself. This is how we are able to offer you the most comprehensive insurance solutions, including:

  • Compliance risk
  • Product liability
  • Ambiguous and highly litigious contract wording
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Cross-border trade issues
  • Protecting U.S.-based property and assets
  • Human resources policies

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