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Travel Trailer Insurance

One of the most enjoyable ways of vacationing is taking to the open road with your travel trailer or truck camper unit. Starting out on an adventure while listening to some of your favorite songs is the ideal way to decompress and start a holiday.

Because travel trailers come in many shapes and sizes, so does travel trailer insurance, and particularly in BC, home of some of the best RC & Travel Trailer destinations.

Travel Trailer Insurance is offered through ICBC and other private insurance companies. When you buy a Vehicle Travel Protection package from ICBC for your car, the camper or trailer you are towing will be protected. Please ensure that you double check the limits of protection under this type of policy.

For those who want a more comprehensive option, we have partnered with Canada’s largest insurers to offer unique and affordable solutions for customers looking to protect their Travel Trailers.

Types of Travel Trailers

Most providers offer insurance for Travel Trailers for personal use which is not being rented out, which are up to $75,000 in value and up to 35 feet long.

This would be perfect for anyone who owns a Tent Trailers, Truck Campers, Hybrid Trailers or Cabin Trailers.

Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage Typically Includes

  • The trailer, built-in accessories and attached equipment
  • Personal belongings in the trailer
  • Trailer hitch, stabilizer or sway bar used to attach the unit to the towing vehicle
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost for trailers up to two years old
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Lock Replacement
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Emergency Vacation Expense for nonrefundable vacation fees and towing the trailer back to your customer’s home if it can’t be fixed where they’re vacationing
  • Reward Coverage for anyone who provides information about a fraudulent claim

Optional Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage includes premises liability up to $2 million for legal liability, voluntary medical payments and property damage to others while your customer is using their trailer.

How much does Travel Trailer Insurance Cost in BC?

Most Travel Trailer products are very competitively priced. Each company offers different coverages and coverage limits. Contact one of our offices to find the best product for your needs.

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