Auto Insurance is Changing in British Columbia

Many drivers in British Columbia are now eligible to renew their car insurance online, provided they meet the ICBC Online renewal criteria. Those individuals with a renewal date of May 1st or later can start this online renewal process 45 days prior to their existing policy expiring.

This process is entirely new in BC, as it marks the first time that ICBC policy holders can renew their car insurance online at their own convenience. However, rest assured that as your broker, we are still here to assist you every step of the way. We’ll be reviewing your renewals and answering your questions when you need us to. We’ll make sure your coverage matches your insurance needs.

Am I eligible to renew my ICBC policy online?

Do I qualify for ICBC online renewal?

Please note that you can only renew online with ICBC if you meet the following criteria. If you do not qualify, please choose one of our other convenient renewal options.

Online renewal criteria:

  • My vehicle is in one name only and is not in a company name or a leased vehicle.
  • My policy is active (not expired), and I am looking to renew my existing license plate.
  • I do not have any outstanding debts with ICBC.
  • My policy renewal date is May 1st 2022 or later.

If you don’t qualify to renew your insurance online, don’t worry!
As always, we are here to help. Simply click “I Don’t Qualify” button above and fill out the form, and an agent will be in contact with you.

How to Renew your ICBC insurance online?

To choose your broker, follow the steps below:


Choose “InsureBC” from your most recent list of brokers. Select the location address where you would like to work with us.


If you do not see InsureBC on the list, click “find another broker” and then select your nearest InsureBC Office.

Is an insurance broker still involved to make sure I do things correctly?

Absolutely! Whether you choose to renew your ICBC auto insurance online, over the phone or in person, our licenced brokers are here for you. As always, we will continue to be your trusted advisors for all of your insurance needs.

If you are eligible to renew your ICBC auto insurance online, you can have the peace of mind knowing that one of our brokers will review your policy once you have completed the online process. You will need to select your broker of choice, and we will then review and reach out to you directly should we have any questions or identify any concerns with your renewal.


Here is the list of most commonly asked questions about renewing your insurance online.

You can renew your auto insurance online as early as 45 days before your current policy expires, up until the expiry date. If your transaction is eligible, you should be able to do the whole renewal process in a matter of minutes, from anywhere at your convenience.

No problem! If you cannot renew your policy online, our licenced insurance agent can assist you in one of three simple ways:

  • Step 1: Visit an office near you to renew your policy in-person.
  • Step 2: Call any of our offices to renew your policy over the phone.
  • Step 3: Complete the renewal request form online and we will contact you to renew your policy via email or over the phone.

You can log in using your BC Service Card app on your mobile device. This is used to prove your identity when accessing online government services. Learn how to set up and use the BC Service Card App.

To complete the set-up of this app, you must verify your identity. This verification process may take a few days, so we recommend completing it in advance of your policy’s expiry date.

You cannot renew your policy online if:

  • It is for a jointly owned vehicle
  • It is for a leased vehicle.
  • It is for a company-owned vehicle
  • It is for a motorcycle
  • It is for a collector vehicle
  • It is a commercial policy
  • It is expired
  • You want to add, remove or change your ICBC optional coverages during the renewal
  • You have outstanding debt owed to ICBC
  • Other potential ineligibilities

You must print out your renewal documents and keep them in your vehicle at all times. If you do not have a printer, your local office would be happy to print this for you free of charge. Alternatively, you can request a copy be mailed to you via Canada Post (please allow up to 10 days for delivery)

As of May 1st, 2022, you no longer need a decal on your licence plate