Local Expertise And Insights

Each community in BC is unique and shares very different characteristics from the next. Insuring a home or business in Northern BC, for example, is very different than insuring a similar home or business in the Lower Mainland. With 90 locations spread geographically across the Province, one of our licensed insurance Brokers with solid local knowledge is never far away.

When it comes to insuring your most important assets, you want to trust someone who understands your insurance needs, is familiar with your local surroundings and can jump in to assist quickly, should you need them to.

We Think Global, but Act Local

Did you know the InsureBC Group is an International organization? That’s right, we currently operate in three countries on two continents. Over the 30 years we have been around, we have grown from a small, community-based insurance Broker to a Multinational Insurance Broker Network but we have never forgotten our roots.

To this day, regardless of our international presence, we continue to operate in the communities we started in with a very local approach to servicing our long-term clientele. What does that mean? Well, it enables you to benefit from the product breadth and expertise of an International company, while having these products and services delivered to you by a local representative of your own community. It’s truly the best of both worlds.



We are Part of Local Communities

Each of our Brokers acts as a local resource centre for general safety information as well as crime prevention tactics. Because we operate in a large number of cities, our Brokers form part of the community’s emergency response team. Our offices are typically among the first parties to respond to the needs of the general community in the event of a catastrophe in your area.