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How A BC Driver Lost $1,256 In 8 Minutes

A crazy story that hit the newswires in Vancouver just last week when a driver racked up more than $700 in fines plus an additional $520 for eight demerit points because he simply couldn’t stay off his phone while driving.

The VPD made a picture of the two tickets public online, showing that within a radius of just a few blocks along one of Vancouver’s busiest streets, the driver of the vehicle was stopped twice by law enforcement for using a mobile device while operating his vehicle.ICBC is doing their part to avoid situations like this one; with ongoing media blasts around the safety of using a mobile device. That means:

  • No call, text or email is important enough that it’s worth risking your life. Let calls go to voicemail and ignore your text messages while driving.
  • Turn it off and put it out of sight to avoid the temptation to check your phone.
  • Assign a designated texter. Ask your passengers to make or receive calls and texts for you.
  • Pull over to make or receive a call, when it’s safe to do so. For longer journeys, look for signs at highway rest areas, some of which now provide free Wi-Fi.
  • Choose to activate ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature, coming soon for iPhone users.

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